Posted by on January 18, 2017

Instincts and intuition, how do they fit in our lives?  Do we live by them?  Do we ignore them?  What do you do?  Jeff returns this week as shares a couple of great stories.  One of which is how animals live and operate from their instincts?  Did you know that only one animal died in the big Tsunami that occurred in Thailand close to a decade ago?  They all went up to the hills WELL BEFORE the Tsunami hit dry land.

Friendship, trust and the building of both is also Jeff addresses in this weeks video.  He starts off the video with the first great story of how a person who surveyed a number of seniors in a retirement home became very perplexed by the answers to his survey about friendships. The poll was done with senior home residents who had lost friends to death.  Their responses to questions about getting new friends seemed to have a common response.  They would often say that they didn’t have TIME to make new friends.   At first the answers seemed puzzling to the pollster as he figured that these folks had nothing but time now!  But it became clear what they meant…but you’ll have to find that out from Jeff.  Tune in for the answer.

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